Top 7 Vegan Protein Foods

Top 7 Vegan Protein Foods

The most frequent question we vegans are asked is, “How do you get enough protein?” Meat-eaters falsely assume we don’t get enough. To put an end to this myth once and for all, the Modern Vegan Wellness team set out to find the top vegan protein foods.

All whole, plant-based foods contain some protein, and it’s not difficult to get enough. If you eat a balanced diet and enough overall calories to maintain your weight, you’ll get your recommended protein without breaking a sweat.

But for this challenge, we wanted to find the top vegan foods that easily match the protein content in any animal product.

The vegan protein sources we found are nutritional superstars. They’re high in fiber, have no cholesterol, are low in fat, and have plant phytonutrients that could never be matched by animal products. For your health, you can’t do better.

After our research, these are the top 7 vegan foods with the most protein we could find.


7. Lentils

16 grams protein per cup (cooked)

Lentils are packed with protein and fiber. They’re delicious on their own, and great in salads or soups. Dried lentils cook quickly, or to save even more time, buy them canned.

Lentils can

Lentils serving protein


6. Tofu

20 grams protein per cup

It’s no surprise that tofu is near the top of this list. Tofu is the quintessential vegan protein food. It’s a flexible ingredient in main dishes, and also can be added to other dishes to add body or creaminess.

For more info on tofu, click here.

Tofu package

Tofu serving protein


5. Tempeh

20 grams protein per cup

Tempeh is a fermented cake made from whole soybeans. This high-protein food is a staple in vegan main dishes like stir frys.

For more info on tempeh, click here.

Tempeh package

Tempeh serving protein


4. Field Roast Vegan Frankfurters

21 grams protein per link

This is the highest protein of any faux-meat product we found. And we like the taste and texture too. These franks are high in protein because they are made from wheat gluten (seitan).

Vegan frankfurters package

Vegan frankfurter protein


3. Soybeans

22 grams protein per cup (cooked)

We could only pick one bean for this challenge, and soybeans stand above the rest. They have the highest protein content of any legume. Other beans like kidney, pinto, and black have a bit less protein, but they’re still excellent with 14 grams of protein per cup. All beans are great sources of fiber and minerals.

Soybeans can

Soybeans serving protein


2. Soy Protein Powder

24 grams protein per 1/4 cup

Protein isolated from soybeans is available in a powder form. It’s excellent as an addition to smoothies.

Soy protein powder can

Soy protein powder serving


1. Seitan (Wheat Gluten)

34 grams protein per cup

Seitan, also known as wheat gluten, wins this challenge with the highest protein content of any vegan food. Seitan is made by rinsing the starch away from a ball of wheat dough, leaving only the protein of the wheat.

Seitan can be shaped and flavored in many ways, so it’s popular as the main ingredient many faux meats.

For more info on seitan, click here.

Seitan wheat gluten package

Seitan serving protein


Top 7 Vegan Protein Foods

Rank Food Protein Serving Size Calories
1 Seitan 34 grams 1 cup 200
2 Soy Protein Powder 24 grams 1/4 cup 110
3 Soybeans 22 grams 1 cup cooked 240
4 Vegan Franks 21 grams 1 link 180
5 Tempeh 20 grams 1 cup 175
6 Tofu 20 grams 1 cup 180
7 Lentils 16 grams 1 cup cooked 140




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